Should I Repair My Roof or Replace It?

A quality roof is a large investment done by homeowners. However, when the roof gets old and starts wearing off, every homeowner falls into the dilemma whether to repair their roof or to replace it altogether. Even though it seems tricky, after considering several factors, one can easily decide whether it is time to repair or replace their roof.

Roofs get damaged in many ways and easily pave the way to disastrous roof leaks. Cracks, faulty joints, clogged gutters, misalignment are some of the reasons for roof leaks. However, contacting a waterproofing specialist or a contractor trained in roof repair in Singapore can help you decide whether it is worth doing a repair or a replacement. Below are some general considerations that would help you make the decision.

How To Decide When Your Roof Needs Repairs


1. If the damage is minor

One of the key things to examine and consider is the severity of the roof damage. If the damage to your roof is only minor, a total roof replacement might end up being a costly and unnecessary expense. After all, a roof is meant to last for many years and withstand inclement weather.

When the damage is limited to small areas, a roofing specialist can fix the issue without much trouble. Any damage confined to a small area can be repaired. For instance, a minor hole can be patched up. Hence, when the roof damage is minor, there is no reason to invest in a new roof.

2. You have a tight budget

Repairing a roof can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to getting a complete roof replacement. The cost of a new roof can easily exceed the average household budget. If you are on a tight budget, it is wiser to repair your roof rather than get a roof replacement.

3. You need service at a short notice

When you are pinched for time, the sudden discovery of a roof leak can put you in a bind. When you don’t have the luxury of time, getting a roof repair would make more sense at short notice.

4. Your roof was recently replaced

If you had replaced your roof several years ago, your best option is to keep the current roof in functioning condition for as long as it is meant to last. Even the most inexpensive roofs are built to outlast the average residential occupancy.

How To Decide When To Replace Your Roof


1. Repairing your roof is only a temporary solution

Even though a complete roof replacement will cost more than repair work, you need to bear in mind that the difference is not always substantial. Sometimes, the price difference is so insignificant that getting a roof replacement is more worth the investment.

2. The roof damage is overwhelming

Under some circumstances, a roof has suffered too much damage for more repair work. For example, if leaks are present everywhere instead of in one or two isolated areas, it is time to replace your roof entirely.

Choose the best roof specialist for roof solutions

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