What are the Types of Waterproofing for Concrete Roofs?

Why should you waterproof your concrete roof?

Waterproofing is necessary for any surface and structure that can be penetrated by water. Water seepage can destroy the structure of your home or buildings. Waterproofing can prevent electrical problems when water seeps in through the concrete cracks and holes on your roof. 


How long does waterproofing usually last?

On average, most waterproofing systems last anywhere from  ten (10)  to fifteen (15)  years and they can last given the right choice and circumstances. Conversely, poor quality waterproofing will rarely last the distance. There are three (3) factors that will influence waterproofing lifespan: the quality of membrane, quality of workmanship and lastly preventative maintenance. However, a waterproofing system’s lifespan can be extended with regular and proper maintenance.


Types of waterproofing methods for concrete roof


1. Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane

The liquid-applied waterproofing membranes are highly elastic and flexible systems that can be applied on prepared or primed concrete surfaces by spray or roll and provide excellent technical properties for complex detailing. There are two types of waterproofing systems that can be used on concrete roofs.

  • 3 layers system:  1 layer of primer as the base coat, after which 2 more layers of top coat are added. 
  • Five 5 layers system: 1 layer of primer as the base coat, after which 3 more layers of top coat reinforced with fibre are added. 

Liquid-applied waterproofing membranes are seamless and semi-flexible. They are also easy to apply, maintain, and repair. However, they do need to be handled carefully and controlled correctly during application. In particular, the waterproofing specialist needs to pay attention to ensure proper upturn, curing time, consistent thickness and uniform application. 


2. Torch-On Membrane

Torch-on membrane is short for APP modified bituminous torch-on applied membrane reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester. Torch-on refers to the way waterproofing specialists use it. It is one of the most commonly used waterproofing methods, which involves using a blowtorch to melt the asphalt and viscous organic liquids to form a membrane to cover the roof for waterproofing. It takes experienced applicators such as Allstar Waterproofing to install this type of membrane.


This is a process where a range of quality sheet membranes is used in a roofing application. It involves membranes of different waterproofing materials combined to form a mantle-like structure that will cover a roof surface, especially for concrete roofs.


Torch-on membrane system offers a simple way to waterproofing your concrete roof and reduce carbon footprints as they have extreme long lifespan as compared to liquid-applied waterproofing membrane.


Choose a reliable waterproofing expert

Allstar Waterproofing is a leading roofing and waterproofing contractor founded in 2013. We provide roofing and waterproofing services for residential, industrial, and commercial properties in Singapore. We take pride in offering affordable, cost-effective, yet high-quality workmanship on our projects. We only utilise the best materials which are of the best quality, durability, and overall performance. At Allstar, we put you first. We hope to serve you soon. 


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