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What is Roof Waterproofing?

It refers to the waterproofing or water resisting treatment of the roof surface, so as to prevent water passage under hydrostatic pressure. Roof Waterproofing allows the roof system to be resistant against the passage or entry of water through it. To put it another way, roof waterproofing is a process of enveloping on building surfaces with the use of waterproofing membrane and coating to protect structures and objects. 


Why Waterproof Your Roof?

For a building, the roof is an envelope that protects it from harsh weather. Generally, the roof structures and characters vary with the purposes of the building. Balanced against the climatic conditions in the habitat, material for roof structure and roof covering are the elements of it’s shape. In effect, techniques on roofing and repairs flow in chain reactions. Hence, whenever roof waterproofing is done and maintained, buildings escape from climatic changes and restore its health and structure. In other words, so long roof waterproofing is carried out well, it prevents water of any other form of water leakages from entering the living spaces below. 

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Metal RoofHow to determine Metal Roof Waterproofing is required?

Stopping corrugated metal or clip-lock roof leakages can be difficult. Because metal roof joints, seams, flashing, capping, vents and gutters are areas of weakness, they may allow water ingress with time. Also, roof water leaks can occur in multiple places over the entire surface. As a result, making detection of source difficult. Therefore, if you notice any of the below signs, it may indicate that your metal roof require waterproofing repair or maintenance.


Openings in Penetration Roof Flashing and Capping

Firstly, Metal roofs are prone to expansion and contraction. In effect, metal panels movement creates stress and leads to the breakdown of the roof flashings and capping.  Consequently, allow water penetrations.


Metal Roof Oxidation

Basically, Metal roofs are made from metal sheet that has been coated with a protective surface. Over time, this coating can wear away, leaving the metal panels to oxidize. Subsequently, surface oxidation can lead to structural failure.


Fasteners Backing Out

Under thundery topical weather conditions, overtime fasteners have a tendency to back out of their seated position which may allow water penetrations.


Water Ponding at Metal Roof Gutters

Lastly if you have rain water that remain on a roof for 48 hours, it is considered as “ponding water”. This will eventually breakdown and weaken roof performance attributes. For the most part, ponding water is almost always caused by uneven surfaces, wrong gradient, dirt, debris or root penetrations.


How to know when Waterproofing for Tile Roof is required?

Tile roofs are extremely durable. However, just as everything else, they still need some maintenance in order to preserve their quality. In reality, tiles roof leakages are not related to coating of the tiles. But due to wear and tear, damage roof tiles, ridges, flashing, capping, valleys and gutters could be caused. As such, we highly suggest that you contact us to repair the waterproofing of your tile roof if you notice any of the below signs.


Cracked or Broken Roof Tiles

From time to time, you may notice some cracks or broken tiles on your roof. In any case, these cracks or broken titles shouldn’t be left too long as they will lead to possible leaks into your ceiling.


Damaged Roof Ridges

The structure of roof ridges can be cracked, damaged, loose and sometime it can be missing altogether which leaking can occur.


Wear & Tear of Tile Roof Flashing and Capping

Expansion and contraction movement create stress which leads to wear and tear of roof flashing and roof capping joints area which result in leaks.


Tile Roof Valleys and Gutters with Water Ponding

Being on the place of stingy odors and cleaning it up is a tedious task. Chances are that debris can be found in roof valleys and roof gutters caused water overflow issues or water ponding.


flat concrete roofSigns that Waterproofing for Flat Roof is required.

Flat roof, short for flat concrete roof is also known as RC roof. Generally, they are more prone to water leakages. Hence, Flat Roof will need mindful maintenance and regular servicing. To begin with, lookout for any discoloration in the building, water leakages and/or water seepages through the concrete slab. When waterproofing layer under cement screed has failed, water will penetrate through cracks and/or joints area causing water leakages and/or water seepages.


Hairline Cracks on Flat Roof and Wall

Sometimes, you may notice some hairline cracked on your roof and wall. These cracks shouldn’t be left too long, as they will lead to possible leaks into your ceiling.


Structure Damage

The structure of roof and wall can be cracked, damaged or loose. Or it can be missing altogether, causing leakage to occur.


Flat Roof Joints Area have Openings

Expansion and contraction movement create stress, which leads to wear and tear of roof joints area. Eventually resulting in leaks.


Debris at Flat Roof Gutters causing Water Ponding

Being in a place of stingy odors and cleaning it up is a tedious task. Chances are that there are debris in roof gutters which cause water overflow issues or water ponding.


Roof Waterproofing by Allstar Waterproofing & Services

Single-ply Torch Applied (Torch-on) Modified Bituminous Membranes

Torch applied membrane, also known as APP membrane, short for Atactic Polypropylene membrane is a prefabricated modified bituminous waterproofing sheet membrane. APP membrane creates a comparatively strong membrane layer that is made up of polymers and bitumen which protects that layer against moistures and dampness. Due to this property, torch on membrane can effectively stop water from pooling on certain parts of a surface

Roof Waterproofing by Allstar Waterproofing & Services

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid applied waterproofing membrane is a modified polyurethane waterproofing system that is flexible yet tough. It emerged into the market as a reliable worthy system, proven to be a feasible, economical and environmentally friendly solution. This waterproofing system has enhanced durability, suitable for foot traffic and hence making it ideal for waterproofing of all types of flat roof areas.



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