Waterproofing Specialists – What Do They Do?

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What is waterproofing? 

Waterproofing is the process of covering building surfaces with a waterproofing membrane and coating to protect structures and objects. Waterproofing prevents water from penetrating buildings and also helps to keep the inside areas dry. It helps to reduce the humidity inside the building and minimises the damage done to interior furnishings. In areas that experience high annual rainfall and occasional flooding events, waterproofing is necessary.


Who are waterproofing specialists?

Waterproofing specialists are skilled and trained in the prevention of water or moisture penetrating a building.


What do waterproofing specialists do?

Waterproofing specialists offer different services, which can include:

  • Applying membranes to roofs, decks, underground taking, and wet areas 
  • Water  leakage detection and protection 
  • Water  leak and water seepage repair

Waterproofing specialists ensure that your property is waterproof, which will not be affected by water. Waterproofing specialists apply modern water-repelling, coatings, membranes, and other modern techniques. They help inspect our houses, industrial and commercial properties and accurately determine the areas that need waterproofing or be fixed. They also handle water leakages and prevent water from entering areas through cracks and faulty joints.


What We Offer at Allstar

Allstar Waterproofing & Services is a leading waterproofing contractor in Singapore with years of experience specialising in roofing, waterproofing, concrete repairs, and maintenance works.


We offer a wide range of services such as roof waterproofing, wet area waterproofing, water leakage repair, concrete repair, roof repair and rope access.


Roof Waterproofing
Protect your building and surfaces for an extended period from water with our comprehensive constructive roof waterproofing solution.


Wet Area Waterproofing
We offer various waterproofing systems for all kinds of wet areas such as bathroom waterproofing, kitchen waterproofing, and toilet waterproofing which protect these wet areas from constantly occurring water leakages.


Water Leakage Repair
We provide spot and major water leakage repair in cases where waterproofing and structural failures cause water leakage problems. These refer to areas such as pipe surrounding, window frame surrounding, wall, and ceiling. The most common method that we use to address such leakage is PU (polyurethane) injection. It is also known as pressure grouting as it injects liquid grout material into inaccessible pores and cracks on wall and ceiling surfaces. (How does this then solve the water leakage issue? This helps to repair pores and cracks that are otherwise inaccessible to waterproofing specialists)


Concrete Repair
Concrete cracks can be a disaster if left untreated. The cracks that start very minimally can eventually threaten the entire structural integrity of the building. Our team has years of experience working on concrete spalling repair projects, and we can fix your concrete problems.


Roof Repair
Maintaining your roof is part and parcel of owning a house, but there are a variety of different roof repairs you may need to do in order to extend the lifespan of your roof. Our team of specialists have years of experience working on various repair projects, and we can repair your roof professionally.


Rope Access
Our speciality rope access teams provide the means to reach otherwise inaccessible locations safely, proven and cost-effective. Our technicians are highly trained and fully certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).


Choose Allstar as your waterproofing specialist

At Allstar Waterproofing, we adopt a client-first mindset. We value our relationships with our clients, treating them with respect and putting their interests at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing the best experience to all our clients, going above and beyond to ensure that we exceed their expectations.

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