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What is Wet Area Waterproofing?

It refers to waterproofing of wet areas such as swimming pools, balconies, toilets/bathrooms and kitchens. Why it is critical is because of the constant use of water. By and large, the points of leakages are weak areas such as wall joints, joints between cisterns and pipes, and faulty piping materials that corrode. So if the moisture penetrate through the floor or walls to the concrete, it can cause extensive damage. Thus, it is important to have an impermeable barrier over the concrete so as to prevent the penetration of moisture.

We offer various waterproofing system for all kinds of wet areas i.e. swimming pools, balconies, toilets, bathrooms and , kitchens which protect these wet areas from constantly occurring water leakages. Our team of specialists has years of experience working wet area waterproofing projects. We take pride in serving our customers and ensuring that they enjoy the highest standards of service. Call +65 8828 1913 or Whatsapp us to enquire now.


Most people are confused with the terms “water resistant”, “water repellent”, “hydrophobic” or “no hacking” waterproofing membrane which treat the substrate surface to reduce and/or restricts the movement of water. While waterproofing membrane is a coating applied under tiling that protect concrete and doesn’t allow water to pass through it all.

Most incidents of water leakage occurred at pipe penetrations and structural joints between floor and wall. As a matter of fact, the walls at shower area and basin area also require waterproofing. Because these areas are the source of splashing and seepage.

Not to mention, poor workmanship is the number one cause of waterproofing failures. Common reasons includes:

  • Poor preparation – waterproofing membrane not bond properly.
  • Poor application – waterproofing membrane not applied to manufacturers recommendations and not extend beyond wet area waterproofing requirement.
  • Cheap waterproofing product – a good quality waterproofing membrane must be used to last, as low quality membrane will fail very fast.

So whether it’s renovation or new construction, waterproofing is the most crucial step for any types of wet areas. For one thing, wet area waterproofing is required to ensure that any water leaks are fully contained. If wet area waterproofing fails, the damage can be severe. Consequently, rectification may involve stripping out the whole wet area and starting over.

Generally common water leakages occur in toilets, bathrooms and wet areas e.g. balconies, swimming pools are:


  • Water seepage through structural joint
  • Water leakage through porous concrete
  • Cracks in tiles
  • Tile de-bonding
  • Rust staining
  • Water leakage at pipe penetration and joints
  • Water leakage through floor traps


Wet Area Waterproofing by Allstar Waterproofing & Services

Complete NON-HACKING Wet Area Waterproofing Treatment

Flood Infusion Treatment (Crystallisation Waterproofing Treatment)

Flood infusion treatment is a unique treatment that provides excellent waterproofing without the need for hacking or other intrusive works. The infusion technique utilize crystalline waterproofing technology, enabling concrete to self-seal through the development of needle-like crystals. These crystals penetrate concrete pores and capillaries to seal and block water penetration. As a result, achieving watertight concrete structures.

Nano Technology Coating

A liquid applied coat that makes almost any substrate surfaces water-repellent. The technology uses nano particles to penetrate deeply into pores capillaries without clogging up the substrate. Treated substrate surfaces remain breathable.

Renovate Bathroom or Toilet With NEW Waterproofing System

Bathroom or Toilet waterproofing involves applying a physical barrier to the floors and walls, so as to prevent water penetration into the structure. The waterproofing membrane is applied first, before tiles are laid to protect the walls and subfloor.

The 5 Essential Steps To Renovate Toilet or Bathroom With New Waterproofing System.

  • Surface Preparation – A total strip out and get the area back to square one. Clean and ensure the surfaces are free of any debris.
  • Priming – Prime rough and porous surfaces.
  • Fillets and Bond Breakers – Seal all junctions, edges and joints.
  • Application – Application of flexible cementitious membrane and enhance with layer of hydrophobic screed to prevent water, water vapour and moisture from penetrating concrete surfaces.
  • Inspection – Project inspection during all phases of application

To sum up, we have vast experience in waterproofing diagnostic, design and remediation for thousands of leaky  wet areas i.e. toilets, bathrooms, balconies, kitchens etc. We truly understand different type and design of wet areas that may impact waterproofing. Together with our affordable wet area waterproofing solutions, we are here to solve your problem one and for all. We offer wet area waterproofing and re-tiling services to give your toilets/bathrooms and other wet areas a new lease of life. So, Contact us today. We can tell you which wet area waterproofing that we found most effective. We have been in the business for many years, so you can be assured about our expertise in wet area waterproofing.


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