How to Find a Roof Leak And Fix A Roof Leak

roof leak

Being the key element of a housing structure, roofs protect your family and possessions from external elements. This is why roof damages can be frightening to homeowners as it puts the livability of your homes at risk.


When it comes to roof leaks, consulting a residential roofing contractor should be advised as they have the experience, knowledge and resources to fix various problems you may face. However, in an emergency, it is also important for the homeowner to locate and fix minor leaks before further damage is caused to the home. 


For some, tracking down a leak and repairing it may be a complicated job. This guide will show you simple tricks to find and fix the most common types of leaky roofs. 


Locating the roof leak

When looking for the roof leak, you should start by searching the uphill or higher parts of the roof from the water stains. The first thing you should look out for is any penetrations or holes on the roof that are usually the most common causes of roof leaks.


Roof penetrations can include plumbing, roof vents, dormers or any other construction that projects through the roof. It is important to note that roof leaks can also occur several feet away from the projections, hence you should make sure to examine the entire roof.


Other signs of roof leaks include black marks or mould. During the day, bring a flashlight with you to look for the presence of discolouration on the underside of your roof. If you do not have attic access, you may need to go up onto the roof to examine things. This can be potentially tricky and dangerous, and we recommend hiring roof repair professionals to help you with the inspection.


Repairing the leak

After pinpointing the leak location, homeowners can craft a temporary patch on the outside of the roof to mitigate damages. Before fixing anything, you should ensure that you are properly equipped with basic roofing tools and only attempt to repair the roof leak during clear weather.


If you have a large hole in your roof, cover it with a sheet of plywood or aluminium sheet and secure it to the roof.

Cover and patch the roof with a tarp that is big enough to cover the leaking section of the roof from the eaves (bottom) to the peak (top). You will want at least a meter of excess around the hole to wrap or tape the tarp in place.

Wrap each end of the tarp to a two by four plank, screwing it down directly into the roof to secure it. 


This will help to create a waterproof barrier that will keep moisture and debris out of your house until you engage a roofing contractor to do a permanent roof leak repair.


For smaller roof leaks, such as holes caused by protruding nails, you can easily use a pair of pliers to clip them so that they will stop collecting moisture at the ends. Apply a layer of roof sealant over the holes using a caulking gun so as to prevent water from seeping through during rain.


Professional Roof Leak Repair In Singapore

It is important to know that these temporary fixes are not long-term solutions for significant leaks. Roof leaks can be difficult to find and fix properly especially if the roof design is complicated. For a clean finish that lasts, consult a roofing contractor for all your roof leak repair problems.


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