How To Do Flat Roof Waterproofing

roof waterproofing

Flat concrete roofs are popular for their long-lasting durability as compared to other roof types. Still, like any material exposed to the elements all year round, it is prone to wear and tear. Adding a waterproofing coating will help to offset the deterioration of the roof.


Waterproofing a flat concrete roof typically involves applying a liquid membrane that repairs leaks and seals the entire roof surface. Here is how you can waterproof a flat roof:


1. Surface preparation and cleaning

Before sealing the roof, it is important to prepare a clean surface for the coating to adhere to and set properly. Use cleaning tools like brooms and dustpans to remove signs of dirt and debris. This ensures that the roof surface is thoroughly cleaned.


2. Seal any cracks and holes present

Like any other roofing material, concrete roofs can crack and produce leaks. Thankfully, they can be easily fixed due to their flat surfaces. During the roof inspection, mark down the areas where breaks, cracks or holes are present using masking tape. Using external grade repair mortar, go back to those areas and repair the surface. Afterwards, leave the repaired area to dry completely before moving onto waterproofing.


3. Apply primer coating

Thoroughly mix the primer for at least a minute before applying it onto the flat roof surface. Start from one corner and paint around the perimeter of the roof. Next, use a large paintbrush to fill up the rest of the roof surface. Wait for the indicated drying time labelled on the primer product or when the primer feels completely dry to the touch before applying a second coat if necessary.


4. Roll on waterproofing coating

A fabric-reinforced coating is an enhanced waterproofing system that gives the roof a chemical, impact and waterproof result. It helps to protect the roof from water seepage and deterioration from carbonation, acid or chemical attacks, making it a preferred choice among roofing contractors.


Once the primer is dry, roll apply waterproof coating evenly onto the concrete roof surface. Roll the coating in lines, working systematically from one end of the roof to the other. Roll out fibre-reinforced mat, over first coat and immediately with second coat of waterproofing. Allow the coating to dry fully before applying a finishing coat.


Professional Roof Waterproofing Services

Roof waterproofing is a straightforward process that all can do. Nevertheless, you should also consider consulting a waterproofing contractor to help you with all your roof waterproofing needs. From sourcing the best materials to providing expert workmanship, it is hard to go wrong with a professional’s help. 


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