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Roofing and Roof Repair
We offer a full range of re-roofing solutions for all types of roof for both residential and commercial buildings.

We ensure that you get the right result with the minimum of disruption during what we understand can be a major project for any owner.

  • Re-Roofing
  • Roof ridge pointing repair
  • Roof gutter/Drainage repair
  • Roofing valley gutter repair
  • Roofing flashing repair
  • Roofing capping repair


We offer installation of new polycarbonate, awning and skylight for both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Installation of awnings
  • Installation of skylight
  • Installation of solid/hollow polycarbonate
  • Installation of aluminium composite roofing

What Is Roofing & Roof Repairs

An envelope of the building, protects from harsh weather. The roof structures and characters varies with the purpose of the building. As per the climatic conditions intha habitat, material for roof structure and roof covering are the elements of shape of roof. Techniques on roofing and repair flows like chain reaction, as if the roofing is done and maintained. Building escapes from climatic changes and restore its health and structure.

Types Of Roofing & Roof Repairs

Roofing Inspection
Initially monitoring the defects and then commencing the service regarding repair or replacement are smart decision. Check with trustworthy roofing contractors, for their approach and result.

Leak Repairs
With roof leaks, the building structure may get damaged and prolong ignorance can cause serious effects. Leak repairs prevents the building from leaks in an affordable manner.

Damaged Shingles Restoration
Restore the lifetime of the roof and building with damaged shingles restoration. The process follows with, popping out of the roof nails. Place the new shingle on proper alignment by placing up and down.

Shingle Roofing
The attractive look it offer and cost-effectiveness are the prior reasons for its majority. Its easy installation, versatility, variety and safety are the start feature makes Shingle Roofing to shine

Roof Replacement
If the old roof notifies it end of life through more damages and leaks, it is better to save the heads with reliable roofs. Roofing replacements offers fresh look and improves building's health. It holds safety as a key.

Gutter Repairs
Gutters set a safe and separate pathway for water to flow. Its chemical composition classifies itself. Such varied, high-efficiency gutters are repaired. A simple patched up and straightening to construct a perfect path for water to flow.

Gutter Cleaning
Being on the place of stingy odours and cleaning it up is a tedious task. Here Commercial roofing contractors are available to offer fabulous gutter cleaning services mastered solutions to prevent future buildups.

How Allstar Waterproofing & Services Are Different From Others

Easy Installation
An effortless installment of roofing with varied services are possible. We enable of proper roofing system/ replacements, depends upon specification and inspection.

Nature Friendly
Our strong roofing envelopes the building and protects the structure from harsh weather and unpredictable, frequent climatic changes in an eco-friendly way.

A peace of mind for the building owner on installing a robustive, multi-layered roofing system enforces security of the building.

Quick Restoration
Defect on a any shingles, gutters or leaks on the roofs affect building interior and exterior structure. We swiftly works towards it and restore the problem.

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